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Asaram Bapu[edit]

The article apparently does not cite any third-part references to support the biographical assertions made therein and there is a lack of neutrality in the tone of the article. Describing a self-proclaimed saint as a self-realized saint can only be termed as an exaggeration. Still, that is my opinion. But in other areas too, instead of stating that he is "claimed" to have gained spiritual powers by meditation etc. it clearly says that he "did" attain spiritual powers which is not a neutral description in any way. In my view, describing these ideas in a neutral way won't take away anything from the significance of the person, if he has any. Self-sourced biographical assertions can also not be relied upon and additionally, I wonder, why is there no mention of the contra-claims and scandals surrounding the new-age guru where people have questioned his activities and Ashram also came under scrutiny for some criminal activities. This article either needs to be completely removed for total lack of neutrality and no verifiability of facts or needs to be thoroughly revamped to make it look more neutral and factual. --MazeOfThoughts (talk) 06:29, 21 April 2009 (UTC)