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The prevailing cancer dogma in the United States espouses the "no threshold" theory of cancer induction. It is stated repeatedly by certain influential health specialists that, since no one knows the minimum amount of a carcinogen required to initiate the growth of a tumor, it must be assumed that any amount of a carcinogen is unsafe. [1]

A scanned PDF file of a journal article states:

  • considerable controversy exists as to the actual hazard posed by low levels of airborne asbestos [2]
Aim. oca*. Hn.. VoL 40. No. 4. pp. 449-466, 1996
Copyiifht O 1996 Bntisfa Oocnpmtioiu] Hniene Society
PubHihedby Ebcvicr Sdcmcc Ltd. Printed in Great Britain
0003-4878/96 J1S.00+O00