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Stadium Height[edit]

Can any one check how high the stadium is above ground; because it doesn't seem to be very high, and that definitely makes it special and beautiful! To me it seems like a fun fact to know... The pitch seems under ground level, rather than like every other stadium which is build on ground level.

As far as I know, the stadium is been dig in the ground to blend with the souranding scenery. And while entering the stadium, you are going downstairs rather then upstairs and when you enter the stadium you are somewhere in the middle of the stands. But it wouldn't be easy to measure the hight, since it is different from stand to stand. While standing on the street the hight can be as low as just some 3-4 meters above you, but on the entrence it's higher. AnelZukic (talk) 15:26, 13 September 2011 (UTC)