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This is an excellent article about assimilation effects. I suggest to explain one sentence which is difficult to understand: "When using the accessible information for constructing the representation of the target, an assimilation effect results, whereas accessible information that is constructed in the mental representation of the standard of comparison leads to contrast effects." Explain in more detail (maybe with an example) what is meant by that -- User: Rolfreber

This article is very complete and crosses all the i's and dots all the t's but (as insinuated in the previous comment) it is difficult to understand by somebody who is not familiar with what an "assimilation effect" is. The author, who sounds very knowledgeable, relies too much on technical language and terms (i.e., jargon) to reach a definition. The article needs common, everyday examples and less technical language (or define the terms right after with a parenthesis) so that it is more understandable and useful to all readers. Thank you. ----jorgeccoxrambo