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Hey Guys, I was wondering if whomever wrote this article concerning Asterion would also, please, cite his-- or her-- references for those of us wishing to further investigate this topic; I am particularly interested in which other scholars also directly associate him with The Minotaur (besides Karl).

Thanks a lot!

Not necessarily a "scholar" but Borges refers to the minotaur as Asterion in The House of Asterion. Finding a bibliographical collection of Borges works might be a good place to start some research. Hope it helps -Knapp 20:28, 16 Nov, 2006 (UTC) P.S. (7:33 17 Nov): He makes a reference to Apollodorus' Library at the beginning of the story.
On the subject of Borges, I feel it's innacurate to consider "House of Asterion" the "story of Thesues and Areadne" from the "Minotaur's perspective". The story is basically a monologue by the Minotaur, in which he describes his vision of himself and of his labyrinth (his "house"). Theseus and Areadne appear only briefly in the very final lines. The story is certainly not about them.

Was Asterion a son of Tectamus or Neleus and Chloris? If Tectamus was a king of Crete, and Neleus a king in Messenia, shouldn't it make sense that hes a son of Tectamus? See Diodorus 4.60.2 But I haven't found a source yet that he was a son of either. Bobrednek (talk) 10:26, 23 July 2010 (UTC)