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This is an inappropriate name[edit]

The species, Phalacrocorax varius is endemic to both Australia and New Zealand, thus I think it would be more appropriate for the common name to be either the Pied Shag (as it is known in New Zealand) or Pied Cormorant (as it more commonly known in Australia.) The name Australian pied cormorant is, I think, a misnomer for the New Zealand bird, also known by its Maori name Kahuriruhi; furthermore, Australian pied cormorant is not widely used in the Australian texts that I have access to, all refer to the Pied cormorant, and to a lesser extent the Yellow-faced cormorant, with brief mention of the 'Black and white shag, and Diver,' in Pizzey (1980) p 51.

The 'Annotated checklist of the birds of New Zealand' [1] (1970) p 32, no. 80. lists the species name as Phalacrocorax varius (Gmelin, 1789) and P. varius varius (Gmelin, 1789) Pied Shag (Kahuriruhi) Family Phalacrocoracidae : Shags (Cormorants)


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Of related interest - historical images of Shags by John Gould (1837), and Sir Walter Lawry Buller, (1888).

  • The birds of Australia and the adjacent islands. Part I [11] by John Gould. *See pages 1523793_019_mm.tif & 1523793_020_mm.tif for a depiction of the Phalacrocorax punctatus aka Spotted Shag.
  • Pied Shag, Phalacrocorax varius. Emperor Shag, Phalacrocorax Imperialis (two-fifths natural size)[12] in 'A History of the Birds of New Zealand by Sir Walter Lawry Buller' Published by Sir Walter Lawry Buller, 1888, London.

And of tangential interest, a historical article from 1949, re identification.

  • 'Identification of New Zealand Mainland Shags' by R. A. Falla, Dominion Museum, Wellington. in Tuatara v2 i3, Sep 1949, pp 116–120 [13]

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