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This is a collection of links discussing various controversies involving Autism Speaks. While most of them are not WP:RS in themselves, they may be useful to identify topics to discuss, and/or point to RS's that can be included in the article. Further additions are appreciated. JesseW, the juggling janitor 21:57, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Beyond adding more links (which is helpful), it would also be useful to add summaries of each entry, to facilitate picking out particular posts to answer particular questions, or that are best suited for particular audiences. JesseW, the juggling janitor 19:56, 31 March 2013 (UTC)

Autism Speaks to Washington press release[edit]

Misuse of donations[edit]

Supporting anti-vaxers[edit]

I am Autism video[edit]

Autism Science Foundation started by ex-AS exec[edit]

Promoting myths[edit]

John Elder Robison[edit]

2011 interview with Steve Silberman[edit]

Thoughtless fund-raising[edit]

Peter Bell[edit]


Difficult to categorize[edit]

Counter-productive awareness[edit]

Bad statistics[edit]

΄Stopping Child Abuse "Too Political" for Autism Speaks‘[edit]

Liz Feld, new president[edit]

AutismCares -- fraudulent fundraising around Hurricane Katrina[edit]

WrongPlanet takeover by AutismSpeaks[edit]

Autism Speaks discussion of Neurodiversity[edit]

Reports from protests at Autism Speaks Walks[edit]

Lack of representation by autistic people[edit]

Multiple issues[edit]

Social media crisis post[edit]

Non-negative reporting on Autism Speaks[edit]

Can’t load[edit]


Responses to the "I Want to Say" video[edit]

    I watched a video about AAC changing lives of non-speaking Autistics. It sounded great and the title - I Want to Say - seemed to indicate that our voices, the voices of Autistics who type to communicate, would be the main focus.
    Autistics in the video were not allowed to get their message across. They were never asked what their message was, how they feel or even asked to type their names.
    Not good enough, Autism Speaks. Not even close.

Simone Greggs -- AS refuses to hire an Autism parent when she asked for accommodations[edit]

Opposing hate and fear based language but not directly calling out Autism Speaks[edit]

Links to additional posts[edit]