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To Do List for this page:

  1. Sources.
    • What are the source(s) of these quotes? Please list using the appropriate Wikipedia style.
    • Quotation require page numbers in the text.
  2. Some of the quotes seem to be taken out of context, for example, "to be cured by him of different diseases". I recommend the complete sentence, and possibly the paragraph, be placed here so the reader can decide the facts. There are several places like this. (Note: I would be very surprised if Christian missionaries would attribute Ayya Vaikundar with the ability to heal. The exact words of the missionary report are important here.)
  3. The entire page needs copyedited.
  4. What would it take to remove the stub tag from this article?

I edited several of the reports, hope they are correct. Hopefully this is a place to begin the process of cleaning the others.

Any other suggestions?

Steven McCrary 21:47, August 5, 2005 (UTC)

1892 report[edit]

I reworded considerably, please verify its correctness.