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Thunder Dragon is sound (Water) strike after lightning electricity Energy Metal Rabbit Speed, it happen above on the sky

Tree Wood is touchable (yin), Wind Air is a untouchable (yang) thing.

Li Fire need wood to burn, Sun Star Cosmo Energy is independent.

Lake is filled whit Water (Kan), no water kan no lake.

in TCM, zang fu study, yang start on Hands and finish on Feet Metal, yin Start on Feet and End on Hands Wood

i only link zodiac whit zang fu, wu xing etc.

yang is metal energy untouchable

yin is wood matter untouchable

liang yi law

yellow Sun, white cloud, blue heaven day yang

black moon, green wood, red fire enlight and warm on night yin

Nature Star Lightning Water Volcano (69) Moon Tree Fire Wind
Nature Event Super Nova Meteor Lightning Storm Tsunami Flood Magma Eruption Eclipse Black Hole Earth Quake Insect Plague Great Fires Cyclone
Left Hand Above Yang Heart 7 % 8 Liver Yin Below Foot Right 777 788 878 887 (69) 888 778 787 877
Binary Code 111 100 010 001 (69) 000 110 101 011
Wu Xing (69) Yang (Infertile Yellow Earth) Metal Yang (Hand) Water Metal Yin (Foot) (69) (69) Yin (Black Fertile Earth where grow trees) Wood Yin (Foot) Fire Wood Yang (Hand)
Position Full Yang Yang Above Yang Middle Yang Below (69) Full Yin Yin Below Yin Middle Yin Above
Mantis Prostate 3 Hand Yang Heart 3 Foot Yang (69) Uterus 3 Foot Yin Liver 3 Hand Yin
Ba Gua Qian (Tian) Zhen (Chen) Kan Gen (Ken) (69) Kun Xun (Sun) Li Dui (Tui)
Ba Xian Han Xiang Zi Cao Guo Jiu Li Tie Guai Lao Zhang Guo (69) Lan Cai He He Xian Gu Lu Dong Bin Zhuang Li Quan
Couple Lan Cai He He Xian Gu Lu Dong Bin Zhuang Li Quan (69) Han Xiang Zi Cao Guo Jiu Li Tie Guai Lao Zhang Guo
Millennial Instrument Flute Castanet Calabash BackPack (Carry Needs) Drum (69) Basket Flower Lotus Sword Fly Whisk Hand Fan
Feature Philosophy Empire Pilgrim Warrior (69) Emotion Tao Yin Leader Peace
Ba Mai Du Mai Yang Wei Mai Dai Mai Yang Qiao Mai (69) Ren Mai Yin Qiao Mai Chong Mai Yin Wei Mai
Zodiac Sheep Cat Rat Monkey (69) Tiger Phoenix Snake Dog
Mantis Tai Yang Hand Shao Yang Hand Shao Yang Foot Tai Yang Foot (69) Tai Yin Hand Shao Yin Foot Tai Yin Foot Jue Yin Hand
Open Point Hou Xi .3 (.Wood) Wai Guan .5 Zu Lin Qi .41 (.Wood) Shen Mai .62 (69) Lie Que .7 Zhao Hai .6 Gong Sun .4 Nei Guan .6
Feng Shui Magic Square Number 9 2 7 6 5 1 8 3 4
Cardinal Direction Arctic ~ Antarctic S ~ N SW ~ NW W NW ~ SW (69) N ~ S NE ~ SE E SE ~ NE
Trigrams (69)
Image Full Gate Target Cup (69) Empty Bridge Sphere Bucket
Hour 10h30 ~ 13h30 13h30 ~ 16h30 16h30 ~ 19h30 19h30 ~ 22h30 (69) 22h30 ~ 1h30 1h30 ~ 4h30 4h30 ~ 7h30 7h30 ~ 10h30
Season ( 45 Days ) Mid Summer Summer ~ Fall Mid Fall Fall ~ Winter (69) Mid Winter Winter ~ Spring Mid Spring Spring ~ Summer

--Li Tie Guai 7 Couple Lu Dong Bin 3 (talk) 14:34, 20 June 2016 (UTC)

Is it yin or yang ???[edit]


Here Daughter FEMALE Sun Star = Hot

Fu Xi Earlier Heaven

| Lí||火 Fire||Spring|| Clinging ||中女 Middle Daughter||東 East||Rapid movement, radiance, the sun.


King Wen Later Heaven

| Li||火 Fire||Summer|| Clinging ||中女 Middle Daughter||南 South||Rapid movement, radiance, the sun.


|||Winter Solstice 冬至|| 陽火(Fire)||腎 Kidneys||北 North||丹 Red||鹹 Salty||虛(Aquarius)||血 Blood||011



Here the Sun is MALE


Phenomenon Yin Yang
Celestial bodies[1] moon sun
Gender[1] female male
Location[1] inside outside
Temperature[1] cold hot
Direction[2] downward upward
Degree of humidity damp/moist dry

and here the Kidney is Water

| Wood || Fire || Earth || Metal || Water

| Liver || Heart || Spleen || Lung || Kidney

-- (talk) 11:18, 26 November 2016 (UTC)

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