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COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM De Baiturrahman moskee in Koetaradja TMnr 60014584.jpg

Here's another historic photo of it. OrganicEarth (talk) 03:48, 28 July 2015 (UTC)

architect of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque: G. Bruins[edit]

Dear editors, In your article on the Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Banda Aceh, you mentioned the initial (G.) and family name (Bruins) of the architect of the Mosque. This is correct. I happen to know for sure that his origin is not Dutch-Italian: he was my great grandfather, and he was 100% Dutch. His name was Gerrit Bruins, born in the Dutch city of Zwolle 21/07/1834. He was the youngest son of Jan Bruins (carpenter) and Geertjen Hijner. He died in 1920 in Magelang, Java. Gerrit Bruins came to Indonesia (former Dutch Indies) under colonial rule in 1858. He worked for the Civil Public Works dpt. in Batavia. Later, in 1868, he married Isabella Wilhelmina Boyd, daughter of Robert Boyd and Mbok Mas Warsina, from Toelong Agoeng, Kediri, Java. Gerrit Bruins and Isabella Boyd got three daughters, one of them my grandmother Cornelia Margaretha Bruins (Corrie). Corrie was my father's mother. In 2013 had extensive e-mail exchanges on this subject with ms Dr. Izziah Hasan, on her thesis '[1]', 2009. If you are interested I can provide you with evidence about Gerrit Bruins's role in the design and building of the Mosque. Besides I have old family pictures/photos of Gerrit Bruins (and his wife Isabella and father-in-law Robert Boyd). Contact me by e-mail christel at terwiel dot com 2001:1C00:2B02:4800:813E:7809:E9A4:AAC7 (talk) 12:13, 19 August 2016 (UTC)Christel Terwiel, Utrecht, Netherlands

Hi Christel, and thanks for your comments! Did you grab the information from this Google Books entry? I mentioned in the article that Bruins is Dutch. Thanks, Altamel (talk) 22:19, 20 August 2016 (UTC)
    • ^ Architecture and the Politics of Identity in Indonesia. A study of the Cultural History of Aceh