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Old talk[edit]

The "Romania" refered to here is of course the crusader Latin Empire of Constantinople from 1204 to 1261, as described in the text. I think it would not be wise to link to the present nation of Romania as though it were the same (AFAIK, they did not even share territory). Perhaps a better title would be "Baldwin I of Constantinople"? Scipius 18:18 Nov 5, 2002 (UTC)

I think Romania is fine, but the link indeed has to lead to the Crusader State.--Caranorn (talk) 11:54, 25 July 2008 (UTC)

Early Life and Family History[edit]

In the above section we read; "Baldwin was the son of Baldwin V of Hainaut and Margaret I, Countess of Flanders and sister of Count Philip of Alsace.[1] When the childless Philip of Alsace left on his first crusade in 1177, he designated his brother-in-law Baldwin V his heir. When Philip returned in 1179 after an unsuccessful siege of Harim during his campaign for the Principality of Antioch, he was designated as the chief adviser of prince Philip Augustus by his sickly father Louis VII of France.[1]" In this section quoted above are the words "after an unsuccessful siege of Harim during his campaign for the Principality of Antioch" with the key word being what is obviously a place name called "Harim!" Note that "Harim" is designed to take the reader to another site which almost any reader would expect to be a "place with the name Harim", but instead Wikipeida or the designer of this particular entry, has a link to names! If indeed there exists any entry anywhere to a city or town, or fortress with the name "Harim" then please mention it! Oh! Here it is! (talk) 23:19, 26 January 2010 (UTC)Ronald L. Hughes

That article is about the 1164 battle though, not the 1177 siege. I thought we had an article about the place (either "Harim" or "Harenc") but apparently not, so I've delinked it. Adam Bishop (talk) 23:54, 26 January 2010 (UTC)

Thanks Adam! (talk) 20:48, 18 May 2010 (UTC)Ronald L. Hughes

Actually we do have an article about the place too, but it's pretty tiny - Harem, Syria. Adam Bishop (talk) 20:51, 18 May 2010 (UTC)


Does anybody know what ethnicity Baldwin and his family were? Were they French, Dutch, etc? (talk) 21:52, 24 February 2013 (UTC)