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Page needs work[edit]

This page needs work, if anyone feels inclined to tackle it (I'm ignorant on this topic completely). For one thing, the external links in the first paragraph no longer work and the text references them like "as shown _here_". Jewbacca 10:52, May 31, 2004 (UTC)

Zvika Greengold[edit]

This is the name given in Yom Kippur War article. It was previously given as Zvika Greenfeld in this article.

Tyrenius 03:41, 30 March 2006 (UTC)

Wrong info....[edit]

Barak brigade and Carmeli brigade are two absolutely different units. The mistake begins with the wrong translation of the Hebrew word "utzva" (עוצבה) which means DIVISION and not BRIGADE. If just somebody could translate the Hebrew article about Carmeli Brigade and update it here it would be nice. I can't do it 'cause my English is not good enough. Here's a link to the Hebrew page:חטיבת_כרמלי

And here's a link to the Carmeli brigade website (in Hebrew):