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The frescoes in the upper and lower churches of Basillica of San Francesco d'Assisi were painted by different artists. According to Frederick Hartt and David G. Wilkins in "History of Italian Renaissance Art," the "Master of the Saint Francis Cycle" is responsible for work in the upper chapel and Pietro Lorenzetti contributed to the lower.

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This matter has been dealt with in the now greatly expanded article. JoJan 11:56, 22 May 2006 (UTC)

the Giotto problem[edit]

  1. I cannot comprehend the unencyclopedic persistence that makes editors continue to attach the name Giotto to the frescoes in an unequivocal manner, even when this article (and everything else) makes it clear his authorship is in doubt. I am referring specifically to the caption of the interior view which is labelled, "upper church with Giotto's frescoes".
  2. The Assisi website, which seems to be quoted or misquoted here, (without citation) mentions Giotto's possible authorship of the Isaac frescoes. It states in this article that the idea that the St Francis frescoes are not by Giotto is based on the attribution of the Isaac frescoes to Giotto, and the dissimilarity between the two.
This may have once been a case in the mind of some art historian.... I don't know, and can't imagine who. The fact is that of all the Upper Church nave frescoes, the ones that are the least like Giotto's work and which are almost always attributed to some other artist are the "Isaac frescoes". Few current art historians would now attribute them to him. They are referred to as the work of the Isaac Master, and the artists that have been explored as possible authors are Cavallini, Cimabue and Gaddo Gaddi. In my opinion they are by Cavallini or a close follower.
A number of the frescoes have been discounted as the work of Giotto because they employ white lead, which he did use in any fresco of which authorship is certain.

3. It is sometimes suggested that Giotto devised the scheme and that his pupils executed it, or some such. This seems to be an unnecessary supposition. The different compositions don't look as if they were devised by the same hand. They look as if they were all designed by different artists, but with certain agreements. In my opinion, for what its worth, Giotto was there alright... how could he keep away? Amandajm (talk) 12:41, 6 October 2008 (UTC)

The Giotto problem is explained in Grove Dictionary of Art. The reasoning followed in this authoritative dictionary is followed here to dispute, where necessary, the authorship of Giotto. Italian sources (especially touristic guides) tend to lean towards the authorship of Giotto (for understandable reasons). However, whatever we state in this article must be based on references. JoJan (talk) 15:34, 7 October 2008 (UTC)