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Just dropping a note here that I plan over the next few weeks to do a bit of work on the Mediterranean naval battles of 1795; Action of 8 March 1795, Battle of Genoa (1795) and Battle of Hyeres Islands (as well as any others that need work). Unlike the other two, I think this article needs a major overhaul and rewrite, but we'll see how we go. As always, any comments or questions either here or on my talk page. Best--Jackyd101 (talk) 22:15, 28 September 2017 (UTC)

I have completed the article today and moved it to the more grammatically correct Battle of the Hyères Islands page, and moved this talk page across. The old article history is at the redirect Battle of Hyères Islands, and the history of my edits in constructing the new article is at the redirect User:Jackyd101/Battle of the Hyères Islands. I have also created the companion list Order of battle at the Battle of the Hyères Islands. The article has been significantly expanded, tided and sourced and includes details from a French source I've not seen in any English descriptions of the battle. As always, and comments, questions or complaints to my talk page. Best--Jackyd101 (talk) 12:01, 20 October 2017 (UTC)