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"Contemporary poem"[edit]

I found this section very confusing, and I believe the links are mostly wrong, so I'm removing it from the article to put here for someone who reads Polish to clean up:

A contemporary poem described the various regiments and their commanders on the anti-Sapieha side.[1] The counties (voivodeships) of Ashmyany (Kociell), Lida, Bracław, Troki, Grodno, Upita, Nowogródek (Radziwill), Słonim, Wołków, Witebsk (Oginski), Orsza (Kmicic), Brześć Litewski, Pinsk (Wisniowiecki), Mścisław, Minsk, Samogitia (Oginski) and Połock (Pac) all supported the confederates, while the counties of Vilnius, Ukmergė, Kaunas, Mozyr and Rzeczyca County supported the Sapiehas.[1]

From what I can glean from the Polish, Lithuanian, and Belarusian Wikipedia articles (with Google Translate), there were several counties (not voivodeships) or regions in the area during that time that do not necessarily coincide with modern borders. We have articles on some of the governorates of this period (e.g., the Minsk Governorate), but I can't find any on the counties (uyezd in Belarusian). The blue links in this section are almost all to cities or towns, not regions. I added Rzeczyca County (see pl:Powiat rzeczycki), but I am not confident of the time periods involved.

Also, what are the parenthesized words or names, such as Ashmyany (Kociell)? I could make no sense of them.

If you can help, take it away. I'm done. — Gorthian (talk) 02:08, 26 August 2016 (UTC)


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