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No romans died?[edit]

Is this an error?

not a stub[edit]

it doesn't look like a stub anymore, so i removed the tags. Mhaesen 20:45, 9 February 2006 (UTC)

Copyright infringement?[edit]

Parts of this article are taken from the description of the battle in the game Rome: Total War. Is this copyright infringement?

This is the description from the game: "After the end of the 1st Punic War, the Romans had every right to feel pleased with their results. There had been unrest in northern Italy, but the mere appearance of an army had quashed any opposition. However, in 225BC an alliance of Gallic tribes and mercenaries from Transalpine Gaul moved into Etruria through an unguarded pass in the Apennines. To meet this invasion, the Romans called on the resources and manpower of all of middle and southern Italy, who rapidly mobilised defensive forces. As a result, they succeeded in outmanoeuvring the Gauls, and forced the invaders towards the coast of Tuscany, while another army made an unopposed landing at Pisae and prevented them from a line of retreat. The Gauls were surrounded, trapped.

After Telamon the Romans decided that enough was enough. Northern Italy would have to be secured and the Gauls defeated, a task that would virtually double the area under Rome's direct control. By 220BC nearly all the Gallic tribes had submitted and Carthage was severely weakened by the loss of one of its main sources of mercenaries. The peace won would not be long lasting." 23:53, 30 May 2006 (UTC)