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to Tasc0[edit]

Ok, I'd explain some things before we ran into a 3RR. If I take every track Battlecat has ever produced and edit them into a list I'll get exactly THE SAME one as can be found here (and on that blog). I tried and posted other references (four from allmusic, every entry for all name variations of his) to supply the article with reliable sources. If you can figure out other way to have a comlete discography here (that is the main purpose...of Wikipedia let's say), rather than a partial one, then let me know. Otherwise please do not revert it. Furthermore I really doub that lists can be copyrighted at all following the reasoning above. For example if I collect the capital cities in the world in alphabetical order, than I can automaticly aquire a license on it? Or maybe ask the International Copyright Office for one?. I think not.Lajbi Holla @ me 16:21, 18 April 2008 (UTC)

I appreciate you take this to the talk page, but I still think this is a copy vio. If you believe it's not, you're welcome to request another opinion in the proper place. If it turns not to be a copy vio I'm willing to leave the content.Tasc0 It's a zero! 23:01, 18 April 2008 (UTC)