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Bau - the name of the town means smelly (of rubbish, of dead corpses). The name was given because during the second world war, Japanese soldiers threw corpses into a lake, about 500 meters from the present town or river. The lake was a left over of the mining activity by the chinese Hakka (rf the book, Biography of Datuk Stephen Yong). Seemingly, when the Rajah visited that place and asked what was the smell, the local Malay replied, BAU. So the place was referred to as BAU. Another pekan/town, about 6 km from Bau is named BUSO, because all the corpses carried down by the river left that place BUSO (very very smelly).

Bau district covered Jagoi, Serembu, Biratak and Singai area. The natives are Bidayuhs, who was converted to Christianity in 1885 by Mill Hill missionaries, starting from Singai area (For more info: contact St Stephen parish - 082-763434). Once can still go and see the beginning of Christianity at CMPC or Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre at Singai (contact: Mr Vincent Eddy : 0138188685 or read a book: Felix Westerwout- contact Fr Albert : 082-247212 at St Joseph Cathedral.) Around Bau Town live mainly the chinese (business) and Malays.

Bau district have a lot to offer in terms of tourism; and it's not far away from Kuching City (about 30 minutes drive); rafting in the famous Sungei Sarawak Kanan, enjoy nature at Wind Cave and Fairy Cave, see the scenic Tasik Biru, climb the famous hill of Fairy Cave, Mt Singai or Mt Krian, jungle trekking or bird watching. Drive another 30 minutes to reach the beautiful beaches of Lundu or Sematan.