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Beatrix*JAR was formed in 2004 and have been contributing significantly to the world of sound and electronic upcycling with Circuit Bending Workshops and Sound Collage Performances.

The duo tours extensively and have been featured at museums and art galleries all over the country including the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis, MN), Wexner Art Center (Columbus, Ohio), Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh, PA), Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (San Diego, CA) and the High Art Museum (Atlanta, GA) to name a few. The duo has been featured on MAKE TV (PBS) and on ABC's Nightline.

Beatrix*JAR have released two albums of note: "I Love You Talk Bird"(2005) and "Golden Fuzz" (2007). Additional work is featured on the artist's website:

"As Beatrix*JAR, Bianca Pettis and Jacob Aaron Roske are known for coaxing unusual sounds from common items such as children's toys and other battery-powered electronic gadgets. The DIY process is known as circuit bending, and the results are audio collages that can range from whimsical and amusing to dark and disturbing. However, in the hands of Pettis and Roske, the experimental music manages to sound warm and inviting, and often comes with block rocking trip-hop beats." - Active Dayton

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