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Merger proposal[edit]

The following discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section. A summary of the conclusions reached follows.
The result of this discussion was to Merge. NukeofEarl (talk) 16:23, 9 October 2014 (UTC)

I propose that Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev be merged into Belgorod-Khar'kov Offensive Operation. I think that the content in the Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev article can easily be explained in the context of Belgorod-Khar'kov Operation, and the Belgorod-Khar'kov Operation article is of a reasonable size in which the merging of Polkovodets Rumyantsev will not cause any problems as far as article size or undue weight is concerned. Pavlo1 (talk) 08:10, 28 August 2011 (UTC)

Concur on the merger. Ryan.opel (talk) 18:33, 10 June 2013 (UTC)

The above discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section.


Hi, while the viewpoints of the german defence are fine and well referenced, I would like to see more material from the Soviet side for a more balanced article. Not so easy to do, though. This is why I put a tag on that section. AadaamS (talk) 16:51, 6 March 2014 (UTC)

German page[edit]

Please link German page. Belgorod-Charkower Operation -- (talk) 19:02, 28 November 2014 (UTC)

I this is some kind of bug in the wikidata/MediaWiki software/configuration. The german article is linked to Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev which then redirects to this page. Some other pages are still referring to the old name, some to this page. This has created some confusion and the assistance of a more experienced Wikipedian would be useful. AadaamS (talk) 08:24, 30 November 2014 (UTC)
I'm not seeing where the bug is; I just now tried accessing this article from the German page and it redirected correctly. Likewise, pages referring to the old name shouldn't be a problem so long as the redirect is in place.--NukeofEarl (talk) 17:30, 2 December 2014 (UTC)