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Daily flow[edit]

The USGS reference[1] gives 202 cubic feet per second for the mean flow. Using the *nix program units to convert to gallons per day:

You have: 202ft3/sec
You want: gal/day
        * 1.3055601e+08
        / 7.6595478e-09

That is about 131 millon gallons per day. Median flow is given as 161 cfs, which is much closer to the 100 million gallons per day value used in the article:

You have: 161ft3/sec
You want: gal/day
        * 1.0405702e+08
        / 9.6101159e-09

Hmmm. The article says the "average" flow is 100 million gallons per day, but in statistics, the mean is the average, not the median. The average reader will expect to read average, not median. Which is the better representation of "normal" flow? --Kbh3rdtalk 13:28, 17 June 2012 (UTC)