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The truth[edit]

The truth About Bernardino Telesio

The greatest representatives of thought, in the order of time, are Nicholas of Cusa, the 3 Southern italians Bernardino Telesio, Giordano Bruno, and Campanella;

TELESIO ( The first of the modern !! )........ in his attempt to explain nature according to immanent principles, advances beyond common magic and alchemy, and lays the basis for modern physics.

As to Bernardino Telesio Stanford University says : Bernardino Telesio (1509-1588) belongs to a group of independent philosophers of the late Renaissance who left the universities in order to develop philosophical and scientific ideas beyond the restrictions of the Aristotelian-scholastic tradition. Authors in the early modern period referred to these philosophers as ‘novateurs' and ‘modern’. In contrast to his successors Patrizzi and Campanella, Telesio was a fervent critic of metaphysics and insisted on a purely empiricist approach in natural philosophy - he thus became a forerunner of early modern empiricism. He had a remarkable influence on Tommaso Campanella, Giordano Bruno, Pierre Gassendi, Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes and authors of the clandestine Enlightenment like Guillaume Lamy and Giulio Cesare Vanini. REF: Bernardino Telesio (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)(1992) Le concept de l'espace chez Telesio. In: Bernardino Telesio e la cultura napoletana, pp. 141-167. -----. (1990) Hobbes and Renaissance Philosophy. ... - Similar pages 14:13, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

Vague allegation of aristotelianism[edit]

The article states, his overall theory is quite Aristotelian. He may have felt that he was overturning the Aristotelian world view and in his own time his views may have been perceived as radical, but from today's perspective he seems very endebted to Aristotle.

Aren't we all? What is the purpose of putting such a vague, anodyne statement full of weasel words, "may have felt", "may have been", "today's perspective" (haw haw), "seems", into an article that is supposed to mimic that of an encyclopedia? Is this what is notable about Telesio? Rwflammang (talk) 00:47, 10 April 2013 (UTC)