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Problems with the Method section[edit]

The "Method" section takes a very strong anti-Bhoodan stance with statements like:

  • "Indeed, land which would have become the property of the squatter by the doctrine of adverse possession, can't be gained in this way only because of the provision of Bhoodan. Thus the whole thing was an unmitigated swindle despite the fact that initially genuine donors were coming forward."
  • "Vinoba Bhave walked across India on foot, to persuade landowners to give up a piece of their land. He also wanted peasants to give up using bullocks or tractors or other machines for agricultural purposes. This was called 'rishi-kheti'. He also wanted everybody to give up using money, this was called 'kanchan-dan'. The one thing he didn't ask for was that people give up listening to idiots." -- whoever has written this is not mindful of the integrity of Wikipedia.
  • "Clearly this is not land reform in any sense of the term. It is merely the perpetuation of grinding poverty by means of an easily revocable 'squatting right'."

Many "facts" are given without any citations, and strong opinions are given without identifying who they belong to.

Problems with the History of Bhoodan Movement section[edit]

Strong inflammatory and judgmental language without identification or citations. Example:

  • "There is little question that it created a social atmosphere in India that presaged land reform legislation activity throughout the country by demonstrating that it was all a pack of hypocritical lies." -- unscholarly language and personal opinion presented.
  • "It also had a tangible effect on the lives of many people: over 5 million acres (20,000 km²) were donated almost none of which was cultivable or actually owned by the donor. -- this is a strong claim and no citation is given.
  • "Rich people donated poor people's land. They also donated land lying underneath the sea or above the clouds. In fact the craze for donation went so far that the entire state of Bihar was donated. This was because Bhave had said he wouldn't leave Bihar till this happened. The Biharis took the hint and got rid of the sanctimonious old fool." -- can't believe I'm reading this on Wikipedia!
  • "Bhave was a great supporter of the Emergency, declared by Indira Gandhi. His former comrade, Jayprakash Narayan was rotting in jail but Bhave's concern was with banning cow slaughter. " -- judgmental language, no citation
  • "Bhoodan failed to meet the more ambitious goal of 50 million acres (200,000 km²) that had been set for it but this scarcely mattered as very little of the gifted land was redistributed in the first place. The whole thing was a giant farce. Bhoodan workers spent their time bursting into huts to search out pornography rather than doing anything useful." -- pornography?? Who wrote this?
  • "Still, many Westerners gushed over Bhave and Bhoodan believing that Poverty can be cured if the Rich just give the Poor a couple of acres of land- not to sell- to keep them as a captive pool of labor who have no alternative but to accept subsistence level wages." -- again unbelievably judgmental

These two sections are a disgrace to Wikipedia's standards and need to be totally re-edited to share with citations what actually happened. Interpretations must be given with citations identifying the originators of different POVs.