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Big Hollow School District 38
26051 W. Nippersink Rd.
Ingleside IL 60041
(Grant Township, Lake County, Illinois)

ROE 34
United States
Coordinates 42°20′56″N 88°08′33″W / 42.349°N 88.1425°W / 42.349; -88.1425 (Big Hollow Schools (District 38))Coordinates: 42°20′56″N 88°08′33″W / 42.349°N 88.1425°W / 42.349; -88.1425 (Big Hollow Schools (District 38))
District information
Type Public
Grades PreK–8[1]
Established 1836 (1836)[2]
Schools 3 schools on 1 campus
Budget $20,680,885[3]
District ID 1706270[1]
Students and staff
Students 1720 (as of 2011)[4]
Teachers 113 (FTE as of 2011)[4]
Student-teacher ratio 17.0 (as of 2011)[4]
Other information

Big Hollow School District 38 is a school district in Grant Township, Lake County, Illinois. The district includes parts of the villages of Fox Lake, Lakemoor, Round Lake, and Volo.[5] Since 2007, it has had a single 62-acre (25 ha) campus,[2] at the corner of Fish Lake and Nippersink roads in Ingleside,[6] with three schools: Big Hollow Primary School, Big Hollow Elementary School, and Big Hollow Middle School.


According to the district's website, the school district has been in operation since 1836.[2]

The district experienced a population boom in the 1990s and 2000s. Ron Pazanin, who had served as school superintendent since 1990, retired in June 2012; in the 22 years that was superintendent, the school system grew from 305 students to 1780, and from 18 teachers to 150 members of faculty and staff.[7]

Since at least 1996, until 2006, the district had a 12-acre (4.9 ha) campus at the corner of U.S. Route 12 and Illinois Route 134 in Ingleside near the village of Fox Lake.[6][7]

The newest campus began operation in 2000 with only Big Hollow Primary School for kindergarten through second grade. Big Hollow Elementary School, for third through fifth grade, opened on the campus in August 2006.[8] Big Hollow Middle School, for sixth through eighth grades, opened in January 2007, at which time Taveirne Middle School closed.[8][9]

The district tore down the two school buildings on the U.S. 12/Illinois 134 site and, in May 2012, arranged to sell the property to Interstate Partners for $2.8 million.[6]


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