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BBE -> DSI?[edit]

I believe there were some structural changes within and around the BBE. It's now called DSI (Dienst Speciale Interventies). See [1] (Dutch). (I'll be bold and make DSI (short and full) redirect to BBE for now.)

MP5 -> P90?[edit]

I believe that the BBE is using FN P90's instead of MP5's nowadays.

Herringchoker 05:03, 28 April 2007 (UTC)herringchokerHerringchoker 05:03, 28 April 2007 (UTC) My recollection is that the F-104 strikes occurred during daylight (I remember seeing film footage from the news). AS to the particulars of the hostage rescue, Time magazine has a story that may be helpful (,9171,915035,00.html).

South-Moluccan "independence activists"[edit]

I think the quotes imply an opinion that has no place in an encyclopaedia. Call them terrorists (which I believe is a generally accepted phrase for the train hijackers), but remove the quotes. SeverityOne (talk) 07:07, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

If they're activists, so is Al Queda. (talk) 13:17, 13 July 2010 (UTC)

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Article name change? Maybe disambiguate?[edit]

UIM is now called, "M-squadron", and part of NL MARSOF (Maritime Special Operation Force). (talk) 00:35, 22 July 2016 (UTC)

Outdated description with mistakes.[edit]

The UIM is now called M-Squadron. M-Squadron is part of NLMARSOF. NLMARSOF is the Dutch equivalent to the SBS. The Netherlands Marine Corps and the Corps of Royal Marines are almost identical, and that also translates to its sf units. Differences are mostly structural.

NLMARSOF consists of 3 sf units, M-Squadron (Counter Terrorism) and C-Squadron (Mountain Leader Recon and Amphibian Recon). SBS has C, X, Z and M-Squadron. They perform the same roles, but the SBS squadrons are all similar and rotate for duty, like the SAS, whereas the Dutch squadrons have fixed roles. The Amphibian Recon have the nickname "Frogman", not M-Squadron.

The Dutch Wikipedia has NLMARSOF covered in two separate articles, M-Squadron and Amfibisch Verkenningspeloton (AMVERKPEL or C-Squadron).

"Similar units are, German GSG 9, British SBS and Irish ARW."

This is comparing a sub unit to a governing unit. Saying NLMARSOF M-Squadron is similar to SBS is like saying one Dutch apple seed is similar to a whole British apple. Or like saying the SBS X-Squadron is similar to NLMARSOF. It's weird.

Also, GSG 9, SBS and ARW are definitely not similar to each other. Sure, they all do CT, but so does the LAPD SWAT team. The GSG 9 is a police unit and primarily does CT. The ARW is an army unit and used to be only CT but now also does Special Operations. The SBS is a marine unit. It's apples, oranges and pears. They all have seeds but taste different.

You could say, "Other units with similar tasks are GSG 9, SBS and ARW". But after changing the description a bit, I'd rather write, "M-Squadron is part of NLMARSOF, which is similar to the US Navy SEALS, British SBS and French Commando Marines.".

- Name change. This article should be either named to NLMARSOF or M-Squadron (NLMARSOF). I recommend the former and then leave it for further development, to be included all aspects of NLMARSOF.

I hope I was clear enough for you guys to understand. I will make the description change, but the article (name)change I'll leave for experienced modders to decide. (talk) 23:46, 29 June 2017 (UTC)