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Template-table references removed from article, preserved here[edit]

Bit rates
Name Symbol Multiple
bit per second bit/s 1 1
Decimal prefixes (SI)
kilobit per second kbit/s 103 10001
megabit per second Mbit/s 106 10002
gigabit per second Gbit/s 109 10003
terabit per second Tbit/s 1012 10004
Binary prefixes (IEC 80000-13)
kibibit per second Kibit/s 210 10241
mebibit per second Mibit/s 220 10242
gibibit per second Gibit/s 230 10243
tebibit per second Tibit/s 240 10244
Multiples of bits
Value SI
1000 103 kbit kilobit
10002 106 Mbit megabit
10003 109 Gbit gigabit
10004 1012 Tbit terabit
10005 1015 Pbit petabit
10006 1018 Ebit exabit
10007 1021 Zbit zettabit
10008 1024 Ybit yottabit
1024 210 Kibit kibibit Kbit kilobit
10242 220 Mibit mebibit Mbit megabit
10243 230 Gibit gibibit Gbit gigabit
10244 240 Tibit tebibit -
10245 250 Pibit pebibit -
10246 260 Eibit exbibit -
10247 270 Zibit zebibit -
10248 280 Yibit yobibit -

table that was formerly in lede, preserved here[edit]

IEC Binary Prefixes
Prefix Symbol Multiplier
kibi Ki 210 1024
mebi Mi 220 10242
gibi Gi 230 10243
tebi Ti 240 10244
pebi Pi 250 10245
exbi Ei 260 10246
zebi Zi 270 10247
yobi Yi 280 10248

T for TeBi[edit]

In a section about Other standards bodies and organizations the article claims, that JEDEC supported K, M, G, and T with a non-free reference. If that is true please add T to Template:Bit and byte prefixes. Otherwise remove the T in this section for consistency, also see Template talk:Bit and byte prefixes 2009…2015. – (talk) 16:05, 2 January 2020 (UTC)

Fixed. Thank you for pointing out the inconsistency. Dondervogel 2 (talk) 13:45, 29 February 2020 (UTC)