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Template-table references removed from article, preserved here[edit]

Bit rates (data-rate units)
Name Symbol Multiple
bit per second bit/s 1 1
Metric prefixes (SI)
kilobit per second kbit/s 103 10001
megabit per second Mbit/s 106 10002
gigabit per second Gbit/s 109 10003
terabit per second Tbit/s 1012 10004
Binary prefixes (IEC 80000-13)
kibibit per second Kibit/s 210 10241
mebibit per second Mibit/s 220 10242
gibibit per second Gibit/s 230 10243
tebibit per second Tibit/s 240 10244
Value  Metric 
1000 kbit kilobit
10002 Mbit megabit
10003 Gbit gigabit
10004 Tbit terabit
10005 Pbit petabit
10006 Ebit exabit
10007 Zbit zettabit
10008 Ybit yottabit
10009 Rbit ronnabit
100010 Qbit quettabit
Value  IEC  JEDEC 
1024 Kibit kibibit Kbit Kb kilobit
10242 Mibit mebibit Mbit Mb megabit
10243 Gibit gibibit Gbit Gb gigabit
10244 Tibit tebibit
10245 Pibit pebibit
10246 Eibit exbibit
10247 Zibit zebibit
10248 Yibit yobibit
Orders of magnitude of data

ISO is more recognizable than IEC[edit]

I propose that all references in the article and the tables to IEC binary prefixes should be modified to refer to ISO binary prefixes or ISO/IEC binary prefixes. ISO is simply more recognizable than IEC. Z80Spectrum (talk) 18:49, 28 January 2024 (UTC)Reply[reply]