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I found this here:"...a more luminous star needs to radiate energy more quickly to maintain equilibrium." This completely reverses cause and effect. A fully convective star, generating more energy, will radiate more energy, not the other way around.

Upon further investigation, I have determined that the ONLY reference given here is about M Class dwarf stars which are RED DWARFs. Additionally, I found ZERO occurrances of "blue dwarf" stars in the first 120 Google Scholar hits (search terms: blue dwarf). The useage is suspect, and while O-Class stars can be characterized as appearing "blue", apparently NO ONE uses the term "blue dwarf" (except for galaxies and compact galaxies). I CHALLENGE the FACTUAL BASIS of this article. Unless authoratative sources can be found, it should be removed. Note that "Dwarfs (Blue, ... " also appears (erroneously, imho) as a category in Wikipedia's classification scheme. The only occurrance I found using "blue" was "blue white-dwarf". (talk) 10:55, 18 August 2014 (UTC)