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Can someone create a Shrum Page here? I really want to talk about Shrum.

This article has a strong 'disgruntled/angry democrat' perspective. Needs to be improved.

this is a sham description[edit]

It ought to be removed.

Why someone who supports programs for the poor needs to be poor is unclear. Do i need to be black to support civil rights? A woman to believe in the right to choose, or an illegally incarcerated american citizen to fight for civil liberties and due process. What a crock.

Is this still biased?[edit]

I don't think that this page is showing bias any longer, and I think we should get rid of the NPOV warning.

I'm taking the bias warning off. If you object, tell me.

NYU picket line[edit]

I have heard that the "strike" at NYU that the bio says Shrum crossed is not actually a strike. Supposedly the graduate students' union disbanded, but a few of them are still carrying on a strike that nobody recognizes because they don't have a union.

"Over eight presidential elections"[edit]

"Over eight" is a weird phrase. Why not just use the accurate number? 05:42, 12 May 2007 (UTC)

Well what is that number? I think not knowing it is why it's not used :) Mathiastck 08:08, 29 June 2007 (UTC)