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I took this image partially with the idea of getting a view of the book lungs.

It might be nice if this or a similar image was added to the article to show an exterior view of the book lungs. In this image the posterior book lungs are readily visible but the anterior ones are difficult to see. So maybe it's not the best. It's also interesting to me that different spider groups have different combinations of breathing apparatus. This might be an area where the article could be expanded a bit. -- —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 12:42, 4 January 2009

That image does not show any part of either pair of book lungs.(And also, let me urge you not to dispose any more trapdoor spiders from their homes. As someone that has worked with them, around them, and for their conservation seeing someone dig up such a sensitive species is quite disheartening.[not to mention that the spider, unless you collected it, probably died due to the way they do not dig new burrows...that is if the ruptured abdomen you caused did not kill anyway.]) In the future, please utilize the numerous images already available online instead of digging something up. Arachnowhat (talk) 03:38, 5 January 2009 (UTC)

I responded to Arachnowhat on his talk page and he kindly responded to me. A brief summary of the exchange.

1. I (davefoc) didn't dig the spider up or collect it.

2. It's not clear what the depressions on the cephalothorax that davefoc thought were associated with book lungs but they clearly have nothing to do with the book lungs which are on the abdomen.

3. Arachnowhat provided a link to a picture he had taken of the ventral side of a trapdoor spider which clearly showed the exterior part of the book lungs.

It seems like it would be nice to include that picture or a similar picture in this article. One question I had was whether the exterior part of the book lungs are an actual opening or is it a thin membrane that oxygen is exchanged across. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Davefoc (talkcontribs) 18:34, 10 January 2009 (UTC)

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if i'm not wrong book lungs are also found in horseshoe crabs class Merostoma

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