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Use in Cuban Son music[edit]

I changed the wikilink from bajo, which links to an Australian actor's nickname, to Bajo sexto which gives readers a sense of what a bajo and a contrabajo really are. The instrument called simply bajo is, as the article makes clear, an electrically enhanced bass instrument. The reference cited — "The Bass In The Cuban Son" — explains the contrabajo quite well and makes clear the transition to an electrified bajo.

The serrucho mentioned is apparently a musical saw which can be seen on the Spanish-language wikipedia. I think it's a strange bass instrument, but I also thought it strange to find that Marlene Dietrich played the saw.

‎Perhaps there should be a page on bass instruments in Latin music rather than stubs on many individual instruments. That would be beyond my capability.

John Sinclair (talk) 21:07, 3 July 2015 (UTC)