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Can someone explain why bots needs its own unique page? Internet bots are already referenced in bot (disambiguation), AIM Bots (instant messaging) doesn't even have a page, and without them, this page would have only three listings. Those listings could be mentioned on the bot disambiguation page under 'Also bots:'.--Jcvamp 22:53, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

Hai Jcvamp, In these cases 'Bots' is not the plural form of 'bot': 'Bots' is a name. I checked to see how to do this: naming conventions for titles in the plural. I guess it is of the exceptions. More on the specific names:

  • The name of the band is not plural. It is a dutch word (OK, it is not English)
  • Bots (edi) is not plural (I am the main author).
  • BOTS computer game is a name of a product. So it is not a plural form of 'bot', even though it could be derived from it.

I do agree with you that 'internet bots' should be referenced in bot (disambiguation). On the other hand, I might be that people search for (internet) bots as this is used as a plural most of the time. I do not know the wikipedia guidelines on this. I do agree with you that AIM Bots (instant messaging) does not make sense as it does not have its own page (and I did remove this). hjebbers