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Should there be a list of all suppliments released for the game on here? This is the list I've got as of now...

7000 Brave New World 1889546623
7001 Power Shield 1112994831
<7002 Raveged Planet 1889546631
8003 Defiants 1889546704
8004 Delta Prime 1889546712
8005 Bargainers 1887953078
Crescent City 1887953124
Evil Unlimited 1887953213
8008 Covenant 1887953280
8100 Glory Days 1887953108 16:11, 25 October 2006 (UTC)

Brave New World

Ask not what your country could do for you. Ask what it could do TO you. America has been under marshal law since First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy was assassinated by a band of super powered terrorists in 1963. Deltas, those with super powered 'gifts', are now pressed into government service or left to rot in jail. You've just manifested super powers for the first time. Will you except mandatory government service, or will you join the Defiance, the only truly free Deltas left in America, Feared by normal humanity and hunted by their own kind. The Brave New World rule book contains 220 pages with full color and B&W illustrations.

Ravaged Planet

Welcome to this ravaged planet, a place in which Chicago was destroyed over 20 years ago and a whole new metropolis, Crescent City, arose like a phoenix to take its place. Atlanta is now nothing more than radioactive ash. San Francisco is little more than a graveyard. And that's just in America.

Delta Prime

If youre a delta, youre required by United States law to register with the government. And once you do, you become their employee for life. As a Primer, youre one of the few and the proud, a stalwart hero who has dedicated himself to making this country a safe place to live. When Uncle Sam calls upon you to perform your patriotic duty, he knows you can do your part, and you do it without question because you know that its right! Then, there are those terrorists calling themselves the Defiance, that defy the government and dont understand that its for the greater good that they lay down their lives for the United States. This sourcebook for the Brave New World RPG explores the primary revolutionary movement dedicated to overthrowing Kennedys government: The Defiance. Learn about these desperate freedom fighters and the incredible obstacles they face, plus youll find six new power packages to design brand-new heroes with. Also, details about the Primers, their organization, goals, and gadgeteers are explored.


Patriot, the legendary leader of the Defiance, is dead, executed by the fascist government he was working to bring down. People, both Deltas and regs, riot in the streets, and anarchy reigns across this battered country. Renegades on the run look to the one organization that started it all, the one group of people that might be able to bring it all to an end, the one last hope for restoring democracy to the United States of America: The Defiance! Defiants, the latest sourcebook for Brave New World, comes packed with details on the Defiance and its various factions and leaders, all struggling to bring their unique vision to the fore. It features six brand-new power packages to create new kinds of heroes, plus includes information on the final fate of Patriot, the greatest martyr for the Defiance.


You hold in your hands the last defense against evil. The order of the Covenant comprises holy, elite warriors, devoted to serving the cause of the Church: eradicating the ultimate evils from the modern world. The Covenant sourcebook for Brave New World provides insight into the Church and the inner workings of its special branch of super powered warriors. Inside these pages are six new Power Packages, the history of the Church, details on playing Covenant members, and more.

Crescent City

The bicentennial battle of '76 devastated the city of Chicago. But the people of the Windy City have never been the type of people to give up, and quickly covered the crater's edge with new commerce. But the gleaming metropolis of Delta City has become the battleground between the forces that strive to shape the future of the world. The Crescent City sourcebook for the Brave New World RPG contains new Power Packages, in-depth information about Crescent City, new villains and NPCs, and more.

Evil Unlimited

Why become some tool of the State just because you were born different? If you're uninterested in doing your 'patriotic duty' or making the world a better place for the delta population we can help. Evil Unlimited can connect you with those willing to pay for the use of your unique talents, and the cost for their services is quite reasonable.

Glory Days

It is early June of 1942. The world is at war. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor last Christmas, and now you're in the Army, ready to take the fight to the Axis powers and put them down once and for all. Glory Days is the first Era book for Brave New World, the role playing game of super powered heroes in a fascist America. Glory days comes with everything you need to play BNW in the opening days of America's involvement in WWII: new Power Packages, new combat rules, new weapons and vehicles, and dozens of new Deltas who could help or hinder your cause.


If youre willing to make a deal with the devil - well, just about any devil, actually - untold power awaits you! If, that is, youre one of the select few deltas who can actually converse with these creatures from the nether realms. Of course, power doesnt come without a price, and sometimes its higher than what you might be willing to pay! Its a hard life when the demons whisper bitter nothings in your ears day and night, and the temptations that life presents you with can sometimes be overwhelming. You can do a lot of good with that kind of power, but be careful of who you might harm. As a Bargainer, you can cut the deals. Its up to you to figure out if you should. This sourcebook for the Brave New World RPG comes complete with full details on the most mysterious kind of deltas of all, those who follow in the footsteps of the great Houdini himself: the Bargainers.

It wasn't inspired at all by Brave New World (novel)?[edit]

The "alpha" and "delta" terminology, not to mention the game title, suggests some parallels... Tisane talk/stalk 17:29, 8 June 2010 (UTC)