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Follow-up from FAC[edit]

This is much improved along the lines I requested at the FAC; thank you. A few lingering questions and comments:

  • I see that you changed the lead from describing it as a sixty-day boycott to one lasting four months; that was indeed how I had interpreted the dates. However, I have since noticed that the Dresser source doesn't seem to explicitly state whether the boycott continued until the removal of the color bar. Confused, I did a bit of googling—and found many sources (of varying provenance, admittedly) that describe it as a sixty-day boycott. I don't have access to the relevant newspapers; can you reconcile this?
  • Regardless of the precise length of the boycott, all of the boycott events mentioned in the article seem to take place from 1–7 May. Is there no media coverage of the boycott after that date?
  • I think the Support section would flow into Resolution more logically if Support ended with the Bill Smith paragraph (since Resolution begins with Bill Smith).
  • I reworked a sentence to avoid an awkward phrase ("writing in the The Independent newspaper") and to give the reader an indication of who Verkaik is. It appears that he was Legal Affairs Correspondent for The Independent in 2005 (I've seen him cited as Law Editor, but only in later years).
  • The infobox doesn't really convey the timespan of the boycott; it gives only a start date, and in the absence of any other 'end' date, the 'Resolution' line makes it sound like the boycott lasted until mid September. Perhaps the single 'Date' value could be replaced with a date range, once we're sure what it should be.

My apologies, again, for taking so long to revisit this. Maralia (talk) 06:09, 3 March 2010 (UTC)