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What is this article about?[edit]

It looks like when this was written it was about high speed (the traditional telecommunications definition of broadband) power line communication over the electrical grid. However nowadays the popular meaning of the world broadband has shifted to mean "high speed internet access". An internet search of Broadband over power lines indicates that it is usually used to refer to what is now known as Access BPL, in other words providing customer internet access via the grid. All that being said, the whole tone of the article seems to imply that BPL is "a thing" when in fact it just looked like a great idea in the 2000s, lots of money was spent on it, and basically it no longer exists. See List of broadband over power line deployments. So I propose that this article be reframed as BPL in the modern sense, and as more of a theory than a thing that's actually available. This article Whatever happened to Broadband over Power Line? describes it as "moribund". --Cornellier (talk) 04:25, 29 February 2016 (UTC)