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Proposal to enhance article[edit]

Proposal to enhance this article:

  • Change title to "CAD Data Translation" - term "Exchange" can also be understood as the process to exchange files between parties (for example from supplier to customer), which can be done by several different ways (FTP, email, dedicated data exchange portals, direct access to the target data management system, etc). This article is not meant to cover this aspect therefore the term "translation" would be a better fit for it.
  • The vast majority of the article content doesn't have any citations therefore I would like to either find citations to support the article statements or change the statements to better fit the new citations
  • I'd like to add more details about the 3 methods of translation and also cite the most common formats and applications used in the market
  • There is a problem with the section of the third method of translation - the section title says "= Data" which appears to be a glitch in the article
  • There is a citation about a "recent" neutral modeling command (NCM) method from a paper from 2006, which in my opinion can no longer be called recent. The hyperlink in neutral modeling command doesn't lead to anywhere either.
  • I'd like to add citations and more detail to the "Level of Information detail translated" section, further describing the different dimensions of the CAD data translation (3D/ 2D geometry, Metadata, Assembly structure, features or history tree, knowledge, PMI, etc)
  • I'd like to change the "MultiCAD Digital Mockups" section to "CAD to lightweight graphic formats", add citations and mention the different formats available (JT, 3DXML, U3D, etc)
  • I'd like to add newsections for CAD to CAE, CAD to Rapid Prototyping and CAD to Virtual Reality
  • New proposed outline:

1 Methods of translation

 1.1 Direct internal
 1.2 Direct external
 1.3 Intermediate (Neutral) formats

2 Data Translation content
3 CAD to CAD data translation
4 CAD to CAM data translation
5 CAD to CAE data translation
6 CAD to Lightweight graphic formats
7 CAD to Rapid Prototyping
8 CAD to Virtual Reality

Peer review[edit]

Hey, I think the introduction is kind of short you need to add more info in there. Also, you should support your post with more references. Over all, each section in my opinion needs to be explained more and needs more content. However, the overall layout of the article is great and looks very organized. It is really easy for the reader to navigate through it and find what they are looking for.


Preliminary research of articles/ sources for this enhancement proposal:

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