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Phil Hendrie getting dropped in 2004 by AM 640[edit]

It happened out of the blue and suddenly old reruns of Bill Cosby's comedy standup began playing on AM 640.

I wrote to AM 640 and this is the reply I got:

Thank you for your very helpful comments. I agree that Phil has talent. However, we prefer to live in a world where entertainment doesn't come in the form of racist comments.

Hendrie also oftentimes commented on his radio show over getting dropped by "Canadian radio stations". Hendrie wanted to avoid mentioning specific stations (It's a broadcaster's unwritten rule).

Basically, AM 640 wanted to be 'edgy' like MAXIM magazine, but instead of actually coming up with a radio format that men would listen to, they (AM 640 management) capitulated to pressure from virtually every special interest group.

That's why AM 640 "Mojo" crashed and burned.

Leafs Lunch Canceled[edit]

As of July 5th, 2010 Leafs Lunch is canceled. Here is the link: I changed the weekday programing schedule, however I do not know if they will till be having Leafs Lunch weekend. The show is supposedly going to be back in September. (talk) 20:44, 7 July 2010 (UTC)