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Contested deletion[edit]

This article should not be speedy deleted as being recently created, having no relevant page history and duplicating an existing English Wikipedia topic, because:

I created this page in order to help stop the widespread confusion and mixup of the various Caldera companies and thereby hopefully help to stop the further spreading of false information within WP and all over the net (since everyone relies on WP without verifing the facts). There have been five companies firming under the "Caldera" label: Caldera, Inc. (the mother company from 1994-2000), Caldera UK, Ltd. (1996-1999), Caldera Thin Clients, Inc. (1998-1999), Caldera Systems, Inc. (1998-2001), and Caldera International, Inc. (2001-2002). Only one or two of them (Caldera International definitely and perhaps Caldera Systems as well) have a direct relationship to SCO. However, people are not aware of this and you find uncountable links and references to Caldera Systems (and thereby SCO) even in DOS-related articles, although Caldera Systems never had anything at all to do with the DR-DOS-based business or the Caldera vs. Microsoft law suit, and vice-versa. It just doesn't make any sense at all to find Caldera, Inc., Caldera Thin Clients, Inc., and Caldera UK Ltd. related topics redirected and discussed in an article named "SCO Group" under a section "Caldera Systems", which was, as explained, a different company. Apparently, people find that "Caldera" leds to a disambiguation page and when they only find one of the five companies listed there (Caldera Systems), they happily link to Caldera Systems even if they actually meant to link to Caldera originally. Therefore I created a set of redirects and a new entry "Caldera (company)" to serve as a "boilerplate" where the differences can be explained and then branched into the various existing sub-articles and sections elsewhere. Perhaps, at a later stage, this new "Caldera (company)" article could be expanded to discuss the history of all these five companies in context. Perhaps some of the Caldera related contents could be moved from the SCO article to this new article (because it is unrelated to SCO), however, there are also some facts mixed up in the SCO article at present. At the minimum, we need this new entry as kind of a "disambiguation" page between these companies. Of course, I will add references over time. --Matthiaspaul (talk) 19:34, 1 September 2011 (UTC)
I deleted this article, then undeleted it upon reading your explanation. Please keep up the good work attempting to reorganize things to straighten out the confusion. ~Amatulić (talk) 20:51, 1 September 2011 (UTC)