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Talk:Caldiero 1805 Order of Battle[edit]


great Order Of Battle!!! Deletes some errors of the french Wikipedia version (date: 22.07.10) and matches the report about the battle mentioned in Hertenberger's & Wiltschek's book "Erzherzog Karl: der Sieger von Aspern" (Graz 1983). Do you have any informations regarding the austrian artillery? Most of the guns (must) have been distributed to the different regiments as batallion guns, but the french version of the OoB mentions an austrian artillery reserve of some thirteen batteries.

Greetings, Lars

Austrian artillery[edit]

Schneid, which is my main source, gives no data about Austrian artillery. Smith has some so I'll try to include it. Djmaschek (talk) 23:01, 18 December 2010 (UTC)