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What is the basis for saying that Canbury extends all the way up to Ham? I've lived in Canbury/Tudor for almost thirty years and I've never heard of the northern end of the Borough referred to as Canbury. Canbury is Victorian and older whereas Tudor is 20th century expansion.

Canbury Manor included the hamlet of Hatch. Cloake, John (2006). "The Robin Hood Lands, the Hamlet of Hatch and the Manor of Kingston Canbury". Journal of Richmond Local History Society. Richmond Local History Society (27): 74–76.  cited here states:

It had a solid core — the land south of Ham Field and of the Latchmere grounds, lying to the west of Latchmere ditch down almost to what is now Clarence Street in Kingston.

Of more concern to us are the holdings identified as being in Hatch, all on the north side of what is now Ham Common(both parts). Also there were some 50 acres of land in Ham, scattered randomly in many of the shotts of Ham Field.

You can read this and Cloake's other works on early Ham in the Local Studies Centre upstairs in Richmond Town Hall. Cloake's primary sources, I believe, are the Manorial records in the Surrey History Centre. --KenBailey (talk) 13:01, 29 March 2014 (UTC)