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In-class peer review[edit]

Rephrase the opening line. Rodon is a Junior at N.C. State University. The current wording makes it sound as if he is a player at a junior college (JuCo). — Preceding unsigned comment added by Southern Prep (talkcontribs) 16:46, 7 March 2014 (UTC)

>I like this page, especially that it goes in chronological order, but I feel like it could be longer. >Adding a table--going by year--and adding who he played for and maybe his stats for that season might make the information more understandable >Also, the first paragraph that introduces you to Rodon is confusing. I would reword some of the sentences and edit to add some commas in certain places. >I LOVE the table on the right side. It is very helpful and a good summary of flat stats that makes the article more understandable. >The tone is perfect. >Your sources were well picked, considering how hard it must be to find sources for this. >The only other thing that I can say is that it might need a future prospects section or something about his future in baseball and go into more of his decision to not go straight into the draft.

WolfpackBarbie (talk) 16:59, 7 March 2014 (UTC)WolfpackBarbie

USA Baseball Team Career: - Sentence about "shutting him down" If you don't know baseball you may not know what this means - "offer was too good" doesn't seem like the tone for an encyclopedia

Additions: - Awards or nominations for 2014? - As Junior season continues add stats - Picture - High School Stats: Nothing before Junior year? - Put a space before 2010 in the second sentence of the High School Career section

--Adeleelizabeth10 (talk) 17:00, 7 March 2014 (UTC) adeleelizabeth10

First draft feedback for COM 257 students[edit]

This feedback concerns the article generally, but is intended in particular for students in COM 257 at NCSU during the spring 2014 semester. It is based on this version from 19 March 2014. The problems and suggestions below will cover many aspects of the page including but not limited to writing quality, spelling and grammar, tone, number and quality of sources, extent of source use or misuse, citation style, formatting, layout, wikimarkup errors, stylistic issues, media use, and organization. Some will be straightforward while others will be more general or may require you to do some research into Wikipedia policies and guidelines for content, layout, sourcing, etc. Technical help for Wikipedia is easy to find here and all over the web. If all else fails, just Google your question and you'll almost certainly find answers. If you search and still have trouble (once you search), email me. Several of the items below point to specific examples, but should be generalized throughout the article.

  • "As a freshman in 2012, Rodon was nominated for and won several awards while breaking collegiate records." -- too vague. Also, cite your sources for this information here.
  • "ranked as the top prospect." - what does this mean in this context? Maybe "After his freshman year he was ranked as the top prospect and earned a spot on.."?
  • Team USA looks like it's meant to link to USA Baseball, but only the first instance of a term in an article should be wikilinked
High School Career
  • lowercase S and C
  • I'm seeing some opportunities for wikilinking here. Turn any term someone might want more information about into a link (but only the first instance of that term on the page)
College career
  • It seems like the high school draft should go in the high school section, but there may be precedent I'm not aware of.
  • We already know where he went to high school
  • some redundant (i.e. not the first instance) wikilinking
  • every time you mention a record or an award there needs to be a citation there
  • remove spaces between text/punctuation and reference footnotes. also remove space between separate footnotes ([1] [7])
  • "In Rodon's sophomore season" seems unnecessary
USA Baseball Team Career
  • lowercase c
  • comma after Elliott Avent
  • "shutting him down" sounds negative
Media use
  • Needs at least one and preferably more than one image. How's that coming?
  • need a plan -- probably some stylistic standard I'm not aware of -- for consistency in presentation of numbers (written out vs. numeric)
  • with so many awards and records, there must be more sources out there that you can draw from
  • consider a see also section
  • are there additional categories this page can go in?
  • several sources need more information (authors where available, publication/website, etc.) --Ryan McGrady (talk) 13:22, 28 March 2014 (UTC)

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