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cv novae distinction[edit]

does a cataclysmic variable have to undergo a typical nova reaction? the article describes a typical nova reaction

i think if it doesn't we don't recognise it as a variable. btw i also think that most of the types can be explained by the relative masses, temperatures and distances of the systems elements. for example a relatively big primary would be a VY sculpturis, and SU UM have a relatively cool primary, the ones that accrete more hydrogen supposedly would usually accompany a younger star , the ones that pause might well be in equilibrium or have very long periods (one side starts fusing but it takes long for the whole surface to heat enough, after wich the other side finishes the fusion proces (probably logically) before the first side burns out.(in that cse there should be variable's that have 2 periods if variation, when the critical mass of hydrogen is not allways big enough to have it all fuse. (i assume they would be rare however, since apparently the mechanism allows for the non exposed side to fuse usually.) etc. (talk) 13:56, 8 March 2010 (UTC)

Different classes[edit]

Notes on the different class.

  • Fusion-dominated phase
    • Classical novae
    • Super soft sources (SSS)
  • Accretion-dominated phase
    • Dwarf novae (DN)
    • Polars
    • Intermediate polars

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Confusing spelling error.[edit]

A spelling error in the opening paragraph is the word "ones". This should be "once". It is confusing. Fivemack used this word in May 2008, he should correct it. Edybevk (talk) 19:48, 27 May 2010 (UTC)