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one cemetery and article name[edit]

The Cedar Hill Cemeteries in Hartford, Newington and Wethersfield, CT are all the same one. The cemetery straddles 3 towns. Chrissypan (talk) 12:57, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for the info. I'll revise the Cedar Hill Cemetery disambiguation page accordingly. Should this article stay at "Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)" or should it be moved to "Cedar Hill Cemetery (Connecticut)" or to something else? I think having "Hartford", as the most well known one, could help. doncram (talk) 18:59, 10 March 2009 (UTC)
I don't have any official documentation (maybe I could find some) but I am a volunteer there. I know that the street address (the office, at the front gate) is in Hartford. I would say to call it "Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)" and in the body to address the other towns. How's that? Chrissypan (talk) 14:54, 11 March 2009 (UTC)
Great! Ah, that helps explain how you could get the nice pics you've gotten. I really do like your Mark Howard monument photo in the article, with the tree spreading out behind the pyramid.
Okay let's leave the article at "Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)". I took a stab at editing the article to mention Newington and Wethersfield, too. Also, I expanded the NRHP infobox, using output from the Elkman NRHP infobox generator (very easy to use for creating new NRHP articles, available at ). This cemetery shows up oddly in that generator though. For this cemetery, there are 9 separate outputs. A factor of 3 in that 9 is because the cemetery is listed in 3 towns. Otherwise, it is not clear, but there may an original listing and a boundary increase or other revision to the listing, and there also is mention of a "Cedar Hill Cemetery Gateway and Chapel". This might have been a separate NRHP nomination, although perhaps revised to be the whole cemetery nomination and/or otherwise not approved separately. That would sort of explain 3x3=9 outputs being generated. But the NRIS database, upon which the Elkman generator relies, does not provide the detail to sort this out properly, it just is conveniently online and gives us some clues. For more definitive info, we need the NRHP application documents. These are available for free, to be sent by postal mail, from the National Register. I just now put in a request for copies to be sent to me. You could request the same by email to nr_reference (at), giving ur postal address and requesting docs for both the cemetery and the gatehouse and chapel. If u would do so promptly, u could mention my having requested same, and I'm sure they'd appreciate chance to take care of two requests at the same time efficiently.
They have these ones in electronic form, can email them easily, both for the cemetery text and its photos, and for the separately listed Northam etc. chapel and its photos. Alternatively i could forward them if u email me separately. doncram (talk) 03:08, 15 March 2009 (UTC)
One thing mildly confusing that you might be able to resolve, is how to describe the address and current entrances to the cemetery. The NRIS listings give it at 453 Fairfield Avenue in all 3 towns, while the specific address number 453 Fairfield Avenue is probably in just one town. Hmm, Google maps gives that in Hartford, only. Seems like that entrance is in Hartford. This mapquest output for it shows another entrance on Jordan Lane, which could be worth mentioning if it is an open entrance. Neither google maps nor Mapquest show town borders. Perhaps you have local maps which do show the towns, and you could clarify/add to the article about there being an entrance at 453 Fairfield Ave in Hartford, and there being another entrance on Jordan Lane, perhaps in a different town? doncram (talk) 16:59, 11 March 2009 (UTC)
Ah, the Jordan Lane entrance does not exist. If you look at the mapquest page carefully you'll see that the part on the other side is labeled Emanuel Cemetery. It's an entirely different cemetery that's across Jordan Lane from Cedar Hill. The only Entrance to Cedar Hill is in Hartford on Fairfield Avenue. Chrissypan (talk) 12:44, 16 March 2009 (UTC)


The chapel/office is under a seperate NRHP entry? Would you like me to get photos of those and develop an article about them? Chrissypan (talk) 16:08, 11 March 2009 (UTC)

Actually i put in mention of it being separate, then revised that (see about NRIS database confusing me, above). It seems not to be separately listed. Certainly must be significant, worth having section about, with photos, in the article. doncram (talk) 16:59, 11 March 2009 (UTC)
Actually, it is separately listed, but as Northam Memorial Chapel and Gallup Memorial Gateway, which shows up on the National Register of Historic Places listings in Hartford (city), Connecticut list as a red-link. Please go ahead! You know to use the NRHP infobox generator at, yes? doncram (talk) 03:05, 15 March 2009 (UTC)
If I have my camera with me today I might be able to swing by after work and take some photos of the chapel and gateway. I do know some factoids about those as well, again, because I volunteer there, but I don't know if it's anything I could find online to verify. For example, I believe that the chapel was the first building in Hartford to have an elevator. That's because the terrain in the front of the chapel is higher than in the back, so they would have a funeral, then take the coffin down the elevator and out the back door to the waiting horse/carriage to bring it up the hill and into the cemetery for interment. I'll look to see if any of those facts are on the official Cedar Hill site. Are you local to the area? Have you ever taken a tour? Chrissypan (talk) 12:47, 16 March 2009 (UTC)
Not local, can't visit anytime soon. Glancing quickly at 13 page chapel NRHP document, i see many interesting details, like about there being a bell but no way to ring it, and the type of red sandstone and all about the architecture and the design process history, but i don't happen to see mention of the elevator. This doc is not on-line but is clearly reliable on what it covers. You can use off-line books, papers as sources, too. And obvious, basic statements often don't need to be sourced. But an assertion that the elev. is the oldest in Hartford would need a source, I agree better left out if you can't find a source for it. doncram (talk) 17:29, 16 March 2009 (UTC)

Notable burials[edit]

From the cemetery website: