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some help to understand what's about Celtic Music[edit]

I have followed a bit the work of Alan Stivell who is one time quoted by somebody in the discussion. If you go, for exemple, to his book "Telenn, la harpe bretonne" or to his presentations on his albums, you will have an idea more clear of the question. Why? How many people have really worked several decades studying, comparing the music of the 6 Celtic nations (that's to say " where a Celtic language is still spoken")? I know that Alan Stivell has done, and is still doing; who else?


a definition of Celtic Music[edit]

There are two meanings: the first: is the same (as acceptable) as if you speak of french , european, etc. musics, a category based on any recognized group of people, without any musicologistic idea; the second: is musical (the man who made popular the idea is Alan Stivell).The idea is : there is a link between all the productions of a people (language, building, music,etc.); as there are special obvious links between the Celtic Nations (language, buidings, etc), there must be subtle links between their musics; they are not obvious at the first listen; the use of different fashions(reels, jigs, etc) is not of first importance in the identity of a music; what is important is the way the people transform these fashions, as well as how a music manage the use of defective or not defective scales, does it give importance to "tuilages", how works irish or breton "swing" for exemple;


gaelic music[edit]

ussually gaelic music is incorperated with irish folk dancing and stories

Galician is not a dialect from Portuguese[edit]

The article says that, and it should be corrected. They all descent from Galician-Portuguese, you can find that in Wikipedia.