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Fawley Court Old Boys demand resignation of Andrew Hind[edit]

Something about this controversy should be added to the Charity Commission article:

Subject: Did the Pope get the Appeal to save Fawley Court? FCOB demands it back and calls for resignation of Andrew Hind

For immediate release FCOB PRESS RELEASE No.5 15 September 2010 Fawley Court Old Boys Association Chair: M.Malevski Secretary: C.Jastrzembski


The matter of Fawley Court and its supposed sale is one of the most scandalous charity acts ever. The attention of the press is drawn to:

  • The bogus trustees of Fawley Court, Marian priests, hoodwinked a supine

Charity Commission and its Chief Executive, Andrew Hind, over the years by varying numerous trust deeds self-servingly.

  • Despite 2 years of organised legal protest opposing the sale of Fawley Court,

which was never the Marian priests to sell in the first place, this purported sale was registered at the Leicester Office of the Land Registry on 13 April 10. This isan outrage! For over 50 years the Marian priets were entrusted with Fawley Court assets as custodians and NOT sellers of this unique Anglo-Polish heritage.

  • Overnight, the Polish community has seen go up in smoke their £45 Million worth

of assets. The supposed trustees, the Marian priests, did not consult anyone, most importantly the Polish community, and got rid of the Fr.Jarzembowski Museum, a fabulous collection of unique artefacts, paintings, sculptures, militaria, and a library housing first editions of the Bible.

  • The sale itself is tarnished and beset by troublesome legal questions. The

Polish community from the outset was willing, with newly-formed trusts, to take over with similar charitative and educational aims from the Marian priests. These priests persistently and resolutely resisted these commendable overtures, at the same time bringing Fawley Court with its Wren-like building and Capability Brown parkland/gardens into neglect and disrepair.They misled many Anglo-Polish bodies, contemptibly arguing that the Polish community could not afford the £22.5 M price-tag, that was already paid for by the Polish Community who funded and supported Fawley Court since the fifties.

  • Catastrophically and under suspicious circumstances the Marian priests yielded

to a ludicrously low offer of £13M in a shady deal struck by them with Cherrilow Ltd and Aida Hersham (well-known to the press) who spearheaded this highly suspect negotiation between the Marians and Cherrilow Ltd, an anonymous offshore company

  • Pope Benedict XVI was forewarned of this pending calamity and the potential

loss of Fawley Court, a unique Grade 1 listed Anglo-Polish heritage, with its church (St.Anne's), blessed by his Predecessor, then then Cardinal Wojtyla. It is questionable if his formal assent for the sale was ever granted. A letter of Appeal to Save Fawley Court, of 22 October 2009, with a huge petition was curiously never answered by the Pope.The Polish community deserves an answer!

  • To-date, two letters (26 July 10 and 14 Sept 10) seeking restitution of Fawley

Court have been copied individually to all (646) members of the House of Commons, Parliament. The response from numerous MPs has been impressive. The FCOB has asked for the resignation of Andrew Hind, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission who failed to instigate a Section 8 inquiry and together with some 15 caseworkers over two years failed to respond to our concerns. The FCOB demands nothing less than a reversal of the sale and the restitution of the unique Museum which is part of our national heritage here in the UK, and a public inquiry into this scandalous breach of trust and betrayal of an ethnic minority. Fawley Court Old Boys —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:42, 19 September 2010 (UTC)

Historical perspective[edit]

The Charity Commission was set up in 1853, but this article deals only with its post-2006 incarnation. For a historical perspective, see the summary in ICNL vol 12, Issue 3, May 2010, or R. Thompson, The Charity Commission and the Age of Reform (1979). - Pointillist (talk) 14:47, 28 October 2010 (UTC)