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In this edit [1], the middle name "Snowdon" was introduced, as was a ref [2] with this display text: "Biography of Charles Snowdon Fairfax,". This source actually uses the spelling "Snowden", as do the majority of search results--it'a about 550:150 for "charles snowden fairfax" - wikipedia - wiki vs. "charles snowdon fairfax" - wikipedia - wiki. Most of the 150 look that they are derived from this article as well, and, although some of the "Snowdon"s are from books on peers and titled Americans, similar sources also show "Snowden." The newspaper and local history hits clearly lean toward "Snowden." Unless something definitive comes along, I will change the spelling in a few days.--Hjal (talk) 05:21, 5 September 2009 (UTC)