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This article has relatively little detail and seems to be written in the style of an advertisement. It would be much more informative if it placed the organisation in a wider context with regard to the marketing industry and other professional bodies in this area. (talk) 12:15, 9 January 2012 (UTC)


I'm providing some general feedback on the article below:

Examples of promotion from the lead:

  • "claims to be the world's largest organisation"
  • "across the world"
  • "CIM celebrated its centenary in 2011 with a dinner in Windsor Castle..."


  • The Membership, Exams, Marketing Excellence Awards and Designation sections should all be consolidate into 2-3 paragraphs under a Services header. Where secondary sources can't be found, we would expect some primary sources from the company website in this section, such as for membership structure.
  • History should be the top section and the largest in the article in most cases. Also consolidate "Royal Charter" here.
  • We feel the words "Criticisms" and "Controversy" have a negative connotation and bring undue attention to controversial aspects; while these sections are prolific, they should never exist anywhere. Even on Walmart we use neutral headings like "Employee and labor relations"
  • The "CIM Accredited Centres across the world" should be deleted. We don't cover specific locations, chapters, etc. for large organizations, except to say they have "XYZ" locations, or chapters. We also don't want external links in the body of the article. From Wikipedia's perspective, this is link-bait.

The CIPR article has a good example of how to add criticisms neutrally. After we cover their transition to a Chartered organization in the history section, it says: "An analysis in the Journal of Communication Management in 2005 said that chartered status was needed in a time where public trust in businesses, institutions and governments is decreasing, but noted CIPR's limited power to enforce ethics among its members.[4]" We would want to use some caution using commentary quotes.

Hope this helps!! Cheers. CorporateM (Talk) 18:58, 7 February 2013 (UTC)