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Addition of Online Abuse to the page[edit]

In an increasingly technological world, the internet has created a new venue for the abuse of children in various forms. I believe that online abuse against children should be considered a subsection of child abuse, thus I propose an addition to the child abuse wikipedia page found here. Online abuse of children takes various forms, from cyberbullying to sexual abuse via webcams and pornography etc. I would like to add the subsection of online abuse as follows.

1. Online abuse as type 2.5 under the subsection “types” a. Cyberbullying as the first topic, seeing as it is the most common form of online abuse and most widely known

                                                       i.	Forms it takes

1. Social media, texting etc. 2. catfishing

                                                      ii. 	Statistics
                                                     iii. 	Impact
                                                    iv. 	Laws surrounding the matter

b. Sexual abuse as a second topic

                                                       i.	Forms

1. Pornography 2. unsolicited sexual images 3. webcam abuse

                                                      ii. 	statistics
                                                     iii. 	impact
                                                    iv. 	laws

c. Grooming as the third topic

                                                       i.	Forms

1. Chatrooms 2. Social networks

                                                      ii. 	Statistics
                                                     iii. 	Impact
                                                    iv. 	Laws

Sources would include, but are not limited to: Bowcott, Owen. 2018. Online child sex abuse referred to Met increased by 700% since 2014. January 22. Accessed January 22, 2018. n.d. Online Abuse. Accessed January 20, 2018. n.d. The Harmful Effects of Online Abuse. Accessed January 20, 2018. n.d. Types of Online Abuse. Accessed January 20, 2018.


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