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The account of the origin of the name Chipshop is not supported by a reliable source; the website linked to a. is self-published and b. says nothing about Chipshop anyway. As well as being unsourced the claim is questionable. Chipshop is marked on the 1765 Donn 1 inch map of Devonshire Note that the Donn map is from 1765 but the website referred to deals with events of "the 1800s" Certainly there was mining in the area at the time of Donn (he marks a Tin Mine) and possibly the "scrip" system of payment was in operation but it does not follow, without reliable evidence, that the etymology given is the correct one.

I would tentatively propose to delete the claim as to the origin of the name in its entirety, in the absence of a reliable source.

Northutsire (talk) 19:57, 11 April 2013 (UTC)