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Sugar Estates ![edit]

I once lived at Chirundu at the Tate and Lyle Sugar Estates. I worked for a while in the laboratory. I remember how so very hot it got just before the rains which arrived any till time in November. When it rained it was nearly always a down pour and then the humidity rose sky high. There was not a large number of people working there (I wonder where they all are now) I remember too driving to Lusaka to do my shopping every now and then. There were a few houses in which the staff lived. I remember all the windows in the houses had mesh guards to try and keep the mosquitos out, as malaria was rampant there. We had to take medication for that. All around the sugar plantation, it was just wild bush, were animals wwho roamed, but I cant remember how the firm managed to keep the elephants from wandering through the plantation. Most days after work I got a lift with an Italian man who worked there to go out into the bush. He went out to hunt - I went out and just quietly on the edge of the banks of the Zambezi river and just watched the animals come and go. I had absolutely no fear of the wildlife, so I would not have emitted a smell that would have caused them to be alarmed. I had elephants walk right past me only feet away as they walked passed me to get down to the river. I loved being right there by the river and the animals, and it was during that period of time that mt love for wildlife started. All the roads in the estate were just sand and soil right up to the main tarmac road which went over the bridge to Zambia to the right, or south to Salisbury. We did have electricity. I only recently found out that Chirundu Sugar Estates was no longer there. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 13:32, 24 April 2015 (UTC)