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I made a number of changes too numerous to list in the summary. My changes are based largely on information from the liner notes from Lindberg's albums and his website:

  • Where is the vote for best brass players of the 20th Century? Until I see evidence listed here, I have to assume POV and remove that first line.
  • He began playing trombone at 17, not 16.
  • He entered the Stockholm Royal Opera Orchestra at 19, not 18 (and I added the orchestra's name).
  • He left the orchestra at 20, not 19, and to continue his studies, not for immediate entrance into a professional solo touring career.
  • Added the umlaut in Roland Pöntinen and Jan Sandström.
  • Corrected Robert von Bahr's name.
  • Removed potentially POV "His technique is second to none" and replaced it with something a bit less contentious (I thought I saw a couple Joe Alessi fans throwing rocks).
  • Added link to Four Seasons (Vivaldi) where the opportunity arose.
  • Replaced "huge sensitivity" with "his lyrical playing abilities" and "items" with "pieces"
  • Replaced Julietta's Farewell with "Julietta's Farewell", since it is only one part of a long work, and linked Prokofiev's name.
  • Replaced "Famous theatrical repertoire includes" with "His repertoire includes", because not all of the pieces mentioned have theatrical components.
  • Replaced Sequenza V with "Sequenza V" for same reasons as above, and re-linked Luciano Berio's name.
  • Added Fredrik Högberg's first name, the umlaut in his last name, linked his name, and corrected the piece's title. Also reattributed Su ba do be to Högberg and corrected its title.
  • Replaced "Tone-wise he has developed in..." with "He has developed his tone in..." and recharacterized German tone versus American tone.
  • Added infromation relating to his compositional career.
  • Fixed information relating to his conducting career.
  • Fixed the descriptions of the external links.

(wipes forehead) --Jemiller226 05:37, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

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